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About Me

I'm Amanda and I love pictures! I always have. And it's funny; I always thought that people felt the same way about personal photography as I did, but as I think back over the years and remember comments and incidents, I'm learning that that's not true. When my sister had her sons (my adorable nephews!!), I couldn't visit without taking pictures of every moment. Why do you like pictures so much? she asked once. I didn't know how to answer that - doesn't everyone? When I sent my wedding album back for the third time for more color-correction and my husband told me to give the poor photographer a break already, I didn't think I was being demanding. I just wanted the physical memories of the best day of my life to be as vibrant and crisp as my own memory (note: the album looks great now and the photographer and I are still friends).

In a photography class, we were asked What inspires you? My answer was My kids. The teacher said Before your kids. So I said Emotion - a connection. I like pictures that show something meaningful. The class told me that this was apparent in my work and this was the biggest compliment they could've given to me. I was also surprised when other people had answers like Sports, or Nature. I love flowers, too, but a photo of a flower? You can have the best macro lens in the world and the most vibrant colors and textures, but when it comes down to it, a picture of a kid with messy hair and ice cream face beats that flower 10 to one.

You want to know more about me? I have 2 boys - the absolute loves of my life - and 3 cats. And a cute husband. I love music (from new wave to ska to classic country to punk rock) and food (cooking and eating). I love ice cream. I know most of the words to R.E.M.s It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine). I've met a lot of famous people in my other life at the office and have a few interesting stories. I was in 2 infomercials and Fitness Magazine for a home workout video series way back when. I love to travel - particularly to the Caribbean, where I got married (have been to 7 islands - 10+ if you count stopovers - and dream about more). My best karaoke numbers are Levon and Total Eclipse of the Heart (I tend to belt that one out). I use the word otherwise a lot. I'm pretty critical of grammar, punctuation and spelling (sorry). Red gumdrops are my favorite. I never met a pickle I didn't like.

And oh yeah, I love to take pictures.